The Three Brothers

Their Contribution to World Population Growth
and Sundry Other Matters


There are three of us: Alan, the youngest; David; and me, Paul, the eldest. I live in Yorkshire. Our paternal grandfather (up there on the left) was born in Norway in 1866 and died in obscurity in Johannesburg in 1930. As far as we know, there is no-one still alive who can remember him.

So what?
So that's why I'm writing this family history. I don't want the same fate to befall our parents or other family members.

You mean dying in Johannesburg?
No. There are worse places you could die. I don't want them to be beyond living memory in three generations and completely forgotten after that. The little girl opposite the man is called Amy. She is one of the latest additions to the family line, part of the new generation. She has never heard of the old guy, but one day she, or perhaps a child of hers, will wonder where they came from. Being taken round this site would help give some of the answer.

So why should I read it?
You needn't. But you might find it interesting. I'll answer other questions Family pixyou might have as we go along. The main idea is to let you know something about


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