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This is an Annex to the main site. Here are links to matters such as pets, drink, cancer, photographs. Also calculations of percentages, compound interest, motor fuel consumption, time between now and another date, and colours.

The main object of the site as a whole is to tell a family story. But it is not a genealogy. Nothing is more boring than a genealogy.

Hence this annex - which deals with sundry other matters. The main criterion for inclusion is that the matter is thought interesting, useful or just fun. Click a link on the right to see.

Suggestions and contributions of material meeting the above criterion are welcome. These and any other comments can be conveyed instantly by clicking the letter icon.


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Crab Mouth Cancer
Not a fun page but informative, even interesting; not gloomy. Recounts experience of tongue cancer, treatment and effects. Aims to be helpful.

Dog Creature Feature
Family pets past and present, dogs, cats, a horse, bantams and birds. Pictures and anecdotes. Something cheerful.

Coding Calculations
Percentages, interest, miles per gallon, time between now and any date. Mix your own colours and find their codes and complementaries.

Drinks Alcohol and Alcoholism
An account by three experts with vast drinking experience. Being hooked on booze - and getting unhooked? Aims to shed light on drink problems. Cheers!

Photos Pictures
If you enjoy photographs you might like some of these. A selection of my pictures taken over 50 years.

66 Clickety-Click
Some links to web-sites thought interesting, useful, relevant, unusual or otherwise view-worthy.

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